Controlling Parasites

Zero Egg Count offers a complete, user-friendly, Fecal Egg Count Test Kit so you can take the intelligent approach to treat your horse for parasites.

Eliminate the Guesswork

Zero Egg Count's fecal egg count testing eliminates the guesswork involved with equine parasitic management. Armed with vital information, you can make informed decisions on deworming protocols for your horse. Our fecal egg count testing results allow you to treat to your horse's specific needs and requirements.  A customized deworming protocol is healthier for your horse and is more economical as well.


***⚠ We are open for business; however, US mail deliveries have been somewhat erratic and delayed since COVID-19.  Therefore, we have been experiencing longer than usual USPS delivery delays of samples to our labs.  We are still turning around all samples received within 48 hours.  It is just taking longer for us to receive the samples. ⚠ *** 

Allows You to Control Your Horse's Parasite Program


We have seen tangible and quantifiable benefits of implementing a fecal testing program since we began testing all our horses on a regular basis.”

Diane D., Trinita Farms

Allows us to get on a different more healthy natural type of worming schedule."

Sarah S., The Riding Center

I think it is fascinating to know just how many and what type of worm each horse has!
And to be able to treat each horse properly is amazing.” 

Jill W., Horseplay Farms

Clear, Concise, Accurate Reports

Reducing Internal Parasites Harmful Effects

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How many parasites are lurking in your pasture?

How many parasites are lurking in your pasture?

Your pasture could be a parasite minefield. Fecal egg count tests are a great way to identify the type and number of parasites that may be lurking inside your horse but what happens to all the parasites your horse is shedding onto your pasture? This blog describes how to calculate how many parasites are on your pasture and what you can do to control them.
How to find out if your horse's dewormer is working

How to find out if your horse's dewormer is working

Fecal egg count reduction tests are used to gauge parasite resistance to dewormers on your property.  Resistance occurs when the same amount of the same dewormer you used to use, does not control the same parasites at the same time of year as it used to (try saying that fast three time.)Finding out if the parasites you are targeting to control have developed resistance to the dewormer you are usin
What is Ivermectin?

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin as an over-the-counter (OTC) chemical dewormer indicated for controlling parasites in horses. Left untreated, parasites cause inflammation, ulcers and damage your horse’s intestinal lining. Also, certain types of parasites are thought to contribute to colic, anemia, and nutritional deficiencies.

Accurate, Cost Effective, & Easy to Use

Zero Egg Count's fecal egg count testing program is environmentally sensitive and designed for you to strategically test at specific times throughout the year when developing parasites are most likely to be present in your horse.  Treatment based on accurate testing results is essential in the reduction of fecal egg counts.