About Us

Zero Egg Count is an Equine Healthcare company offering diagnostic fecal test kits and laboratory services. Our inexpensive test kits use a non-invasive collection process that is quick and easy to follow. The test results provide critical information about the general health and effectiveness of your deworming program.

Our professional laboratory technicians use the most accurate and valid testing protocols. Fecal Egg Count testing is performed daily using the Modified Wisconsin Sugar Flotation Technique. This method has a detection limit of 1 egg per gram (EPG), which makes the technique very suitable for the Fecal Egg Count Reduction Testing (FECRT).

The current American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Parasite Control Guidelines recommend using an egg counting technique with a limit for detection of less than 25 EPG for FERCTs.

Zero Egg Count’s testing laboratory has been serving horse owners and the veterinary community throughout the United States since 1984. The lab conducts independent research for the animal health, pharmaceutical, and agricultural chemical industries. Our lab’s primary emphasis is conducting parasitology investigations and laboratory work, specializing in fecal worm egg counts, fluke egg counts, lungworm larvae recoveries, protozoa coccidia oocysts recoveries and identification, larval cultures and the recovery, identification and enumerations of larval and adult staged parasites from postmortem reconnaissance.

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