About Us

Zero Egg Count is an Equine Healthcare company offering diagnostic fecal egg count test kits and laboratory services that provide vital information about your horse's worm burden and effectiveness of your deworming program. Our inexpensive mail-in equine parasite test kits use a non-invasive collection process that is quick and easy to follow. Each kit includes everything you need to collect and safely ship your horse's fecal sample to our laboratory. Best of all, shipping to you and shipping to the lab is included in the kit's price.

Zero Egg Count’s testing laboratory has been serving horse owners and the veterinary community throughout the United States since 1984. Our lab is staffed with professional laboratory technicians using the most accurate and sensitive testing methods recommended by the American Association of Equine Participations (AAEP) for parasite testing.

Please join the veterinarians, horse owners, and barn managers who regularly depend on Zero Egg Count to provide fast, accurate fecal egg count testing for all their horses. 

Want to know more?  You can listen to the following podcast to find out how we got started and why you should always test before you treat your horse for parasites and worms.. 


How to Contact us:

Zero Egg Count
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